Minch, Anna C.

Inside the shipwreck of the Anna Minch in Lake Michigan.

The Anna C. Minch is a 380′ steel bulk freighter steamer, built in Cleveland in 1903. She was broken in two and went down in the Armistice Day storm on November 11, 1940.

The freighter is now in two pieces, with a fair amount of distance between the bow and the stern. It is a huge site with steel wreckage. It is a novice to intermediate dive.

Shipwreck Details

Location Depth Ship GPS
Approx 1.5 miles south of Pentwater 35' - 45' 380' steel bulk freighter steamer Bow: N 43 45.784 W 86 27.776 Stern: N 43 45.705 W 86 27.849