Shipwrecks in the West Michigan Underwater Preserve

The West Michigan Underwater Preserve promotes scuba diving and conservation of the wrecks located here in West Michigan. The West Michigan Underwater Preserve in Lake Michigan covers from north of Big Sable Point, Ludington in the north to the Southwest Michigan Underwater Preserve in the south. This area contains ten known shipwrecks, and almost certainly more waiting to be discovered.

Read below to learn more about some of the known shipwrecks in the West Michigan Underwater Preserve area.

1930 Busyrus Erie Steam Crane

1930 Busyrus Erie steam crane. Was on a barge being towed from Muskegon to Grand Haven. Barge started taking on water. Coast Guard tried to hook to it, but pulled barge apart. Around 1960.

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Built in Cleveland in 1868, the Brightie foundered in Lake Michigan north of Whitehall on August 13, 1928.

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Clay Wall

In 50′ of water about 1/2 mile NW of the Whitehall Channel is a naturally occurring clay wall.

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Approximately five miles north of Pentwater, the Comanche is a 75 – 100′ tugboat in 75′ of water.

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Cort, Henry

The Henry Cort was stranded along the Muskegon Breakwall of Lake Michigan on Nov. 30, 1934.

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Daisy Day

The Daisy Day is a 103′ wooden steam-powered bulk freighter that sank in Lake Michigan in 1891.

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Davock, William B.

The William B. Davock is a 420′ steel bulk freight steamer that sank in the Armistice Day storm of 1940.

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Hamilton Reef

The Hamilton Reef is an artificial reef of cement rubble just south of the Muskegon Channel.

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The Helen, a 90′ merchant schooner, sank in the gale of November 18, 1886.

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Built in Algonac, MI in 1893, the Interlaken sank in a storm in 1936.

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The Ironsides, a 218′ wooden twin prop steamer, foundered in heavy seas off the Grand Haven pier in 1873.

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L.C. Woodruff

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Minch, Anna C.

The Anna C. Minch was broken in two and went down in the Armistice Day storm in 1940.

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The Novadoc shipwreck is a 252′ steel bulk freighter that went down in the Armistice Day storm of 1940.

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The Salvor is a 253′ wooden pseduo-whaleback steamer. In 1930, she foundered in a storm while being towed.

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State of Michigan

A 165′ wooden passenger freight steamer, the State of Michigan was built in 1875 and sank on October 18, 1901.

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